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Find Out What TBO Is

All About Aircraft Engine Overhaul

If you are not an aviation fan, you certainly don’t know what tbo is, and even if you are an aviation fan, you may not know exactly what tbo is. If you are interested in what TBO is, look at aircraft engine tbo.

Very often when you ask aircraft owners to tell you what tbo is, you will get the answer that the manufacturer has determined the number of operating hours of the aircraft after which the engine must be overhauled. However, that is not true. The manufacturer has recommended how many operating hours the aircraft needs and that you should then overhaul the aircraft engine. There are no bans on flying if you have exceeded a certain number of working hours. You can exceed a much higher number of recommended operating flight hours and still have your aircraft legally airworthy. Also, your aircraft may fail long before you reach the recommended number of operating hours.

Aircraft Engine Tbo

Many of them believe that airplanes that are used for non-commercial purposes do not need to perform an engine overhaul, and airplanes that are used for commercial purposes must necessarily perform an engine overhaul. And this claim is not true. And aircraft used for commercial purposes do not have to perform an engine overhaul when the tbo expires.

Also, those who think that the insurance will not apply if you have exceeded the tbo, are absolutely wrong. There is no policy that includes this recommendation.

Many people think that the engine is more likely to fail very soon after the tbo expires, which is also not true and you can look at aircraft engine tbo about this.

There are still many misconceptions about tbo, because mostly aircraft owners are not informed enough. To get the right information about tbo, one click on aircraft engine tbo is enough. We will clarify everything about tbo.