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Unfortunately, toothaches and injuries to the oral cavity do happen and require immediate intervention. If you also happen to have a toothache or break it or any other dental injury, contact Spokane Emergency Dentist immediately.

Our practice always has an open door for anyone who has dental problems. Our highly experienced doctors are ready 24 hours a day to provide you with the help you need. Our practice has the possibility to deal with children’s dentistry as well, and oral cavity injuries are very common in children. Because of their unbridled play, injuries to the jaw, tongue, cheeks, lips, and tooth loss often occur. We have a particularly gentle approach with children, because the fear of the dentist can remain for the rest of their lives.

Spokane Emergency Dentist

When you happen to have a tooth fall out or break, or have severe pain from a decayed tooth or injured gums, it’s best to call Spokane Emergency Dentist right away. We will provide you with emergency dental care and your pain will disappear very quickly. No matter where the pain comes from, it won’t go away on its own. Toothaches and any injury to the oral cavity require the professional help of a dentist. Once the pain appears and if it disappears for a moment, it will appear again very quickly and will be stronger and more frequent. Self-help is very short-lived, so it is best to contact our practice immediately.

Our surgery is equipped with the most modern devices, so that every intervention is done very quickly and pain is reduced to a minimum. We use the highest quality materials for tooth repairs and making new teeth.

If you need emergency dental repair or repair of an oral cavity injury, Spokane Emergency Dentist is just a click away. With our professional intervention, your pain will disappear very quickly, and your injuries will be repaired.