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Safe Soil Excavation

Look For Our Hydro Vacuum Services

You need to excavate an area that you cannot easily access. You can find the most modern and best solution at mr mikes commercial hydro vacuum services.

Our hydro vacuum services are very safe soil excavation services. The working principle is such that water is injected under high pressure and thus breaks the soil in a very safe and secure way. The pressurized water acts only on the specific place you want to excavate, without damaging everything else around that place.

Therefore, this method of digging the soil is very suitable for crowded areas or in areas where there are many utility systems. With this method of excavation, any project will be completed much faster than when it is done in the traditional way. Hydro mining gives much more precise results compared to traditional mining. This is why our services take much less time compared to services that work in the usual way of excavating the soil. Therefore, hydro excavation is very suitable where high precision is required and where the deadline for works is very short.

Mr Mikes Commercial Hydro Vacuum Services

During hydro mining, there is very little waste, which is also the result of faster work, because it is not necessary to hire bulldozers and trucks, which would remove the waste created by traditional mining for a large part of the time.

Hydro-excavation is both environmentally friendly and increasingly used when excavating in places where there are rivers or lakes.

Apart from all these mentioned advantages that hydro mining gives you, another advantage is that it saves a lot of money. For this type of excavation, you do not need to rent expensive equipment for traditional soil excavation.

If you need to excavate land, where the population is very dense, one click on mr mikes commercial hydro vacuum services is enough. Our services will provide you with high-quality excavated soil, without any damage to the soil and the surrounding buildings.